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The Origin Tour

Ghana & Nigeria

GhanaAKWAABA! Ghana, the Land of Sunshine, is known as the friendliest nation in Africa. Welcome to the culture rich experience that is Ghana! From Accra, Ghana’s capital and largest city, to the historical heritage embedded in the Elmina castles found in the Cape Coast to the wildlife found at Mole Park and the beautiful beaches that line the coast ,this stop on the origin tour is set to be an unforgettable African adventure.

Nigeria:There are no words to describe the experience that many have dubbed as the coolest place on Earth! It’s the rich history and heritage that shape the culture which exudes in their colorful fashions, exquisite delicacies and flamboyant nightlife. Join us as we journey to Lagos for this leg of The Origin Tour and get your taste of the Nigerian experience.

Quick Facts

Just a few bits about our destinations in The Origin Tour’’!


Accra, Ghana & Lagos,Nigeria

Visa Requirements

Yes for US Citizens with 6 month passport validity for US Citizens.

Languages spoken


Currency Used

Ghanaian cedi / Nigerian naira

Things You Should Know

As you prepare to participate in the Origin Tour, your date of travel should be slated for December 25th to arrive in Accra on the 26th where are all of the fun shall begin. Activities for The Origin Tour are slated for the week of December 26th to January 4th, 2020 We strive to accommodate everyone’s budget and have payment plans in place to help those desiring to go on a trip of a lifetime. Please note there is a 2.9 processing per transaction. Flight from Ghana to Nigeria is the only flight included in this package. A detailed itinerary will be provided once your payment has been paid in full.

The Origin Tour

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