From North Africa to South, East to West Africa, Culture Rich is geared at highlighting the rich culture of the continent comprised of 54- 66 countries depending on who you ask.

Our main is to enlighten, empower and enrich all those who chose to embark on this Culture Rich journey. We hope you enjoy!



Culture Rich has many items on the agenda as we strive to do our best to enlighten, empower and enrich those abroad and within the land of Africa .

From country highlights to group travel, each encounter is designed to capture, inform and enrich the minds who come across Culture Rich. Don’t be deceived! There’s so much to see, taste, touch and feel when it comes to the continent which seems to never get a positive wrap.

We’re debunking myths and kicking down doors as we embark on this Culture Rich journey.

You’ve reached the one stop destination for all things Africa!!!

Prepare to have your mind blown and bags packed as we take a trip to our different destinations in Africa!




Culture Rich was born out of the frustration from media outlets and their continuous portrayal of the beautiful continent, not country, that has Africa as a place destitute riddled with disease and despair.

Where to Next?

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The accommodations exceeded my expectations (minus the 2 hr wait for food, lol). Overall, I enjoyed the trip and the people. S.E.
... I'm very glad Culture Rich exists now...very good idea. This is a great way for someone to go and experience the Nigerian culture whether this is their first time or whether they have been to Nigeria several times. I really hope this continues and hope this continues and thank you for a great experience! I miss Nigeria already. O.A.
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