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May 23, 2016
Africa’s Humble Beginnings
June 1, 2016

C lub Ambition is a nonprofit initiative geared at equipping individuals with the tools necessary to improve their overall quality of life while utilizing the resources found in their environment. This program will provide seminar based, interactive trainings with the intent to create a culture that encompasses not only implementation but maintenance and retention. Programs will include basic to advanced level computer use training, Small Business 101 seminars and a Semi-Annual Business Plan writing competition.

We are creating a new culture. One that focuses on the building and sharpening of our analytical, design, development, implementation and evaluation skills. This focus will allow us to create a culture that centers on creation, maintenance, and retention. Club Ambition is geared towards those who don’t have the networks to borrow money or connections to get funding but possess the drive and ambition to propel forward. These are your neighborhood kids with an idea and a vision but no direction as to how to bring it to fruition. These are your local fisherman, your yam connection, and the woman who sells your tomato and pepper in the local market. It is also the struggling student who just needs a little assistance to put everything they have learned in school to practice. We are cultivating greatness!

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Chi Chi O.
Chi Chi O.
I love the process of putting things together and exposing people to new things. My motivation stems from seeing the inexplicable joy expressed on their faces. My goal is to enlighten you as to the vast beauty held within this resourceful country, empower the indigenous and and those in the diaspora to utilize the resources found within and enrich your overall quality of life by expanding your travel horizons. Africa, we're more than disease and despair. We are so CULTURE RICH!!!

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