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Do you have a passion for travel and writing? Have you ever been curious about just what the continent of Africa beholds? Do you wish to tear down stereotypes and debunk unfounded myths of the African people? Do you seek new adventures? Are you a lover of art, color, culture and diversity? Are you motivated to enlighten, empower and enrich the lives of those we interact with and write about? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Culture Rich is the place for you to share your thoughts and experiences. Send us a message and Join our Blog Team!

The Nigerian Experience 2016 is Culture Rich's inaugural event. Inspired by Chi Chi O's frequent travel and each experience being better than the last, the desire to share such experiences became insatiable.

Join us December 26th as we travel to the Nigeria's Big City, Lagos for a truly authentic Nigerian experience. Shop, Dance, Eat, Live and Experience life, Lagosian style. Reserve your spot with a nonrefundable deposit of $150. Total cost of the trip is $2,250 and includes your flight, accommodation, airport transport and 3 excursions within the city. This is guaranteed to be an experience you won't forget. Payment plans are available. For more information or to reserve your spot, contact us at 904-513-8368 or

We have a pretty extensive bucket list over here at Culture Rich. One such item includes an all around Africa trip where we travel from the North to the Horn (East Africa) make our way thru Central and West Africa before landing in the South of Africa. Actually, it may not even go in that order, lol. However, we intend on marking off each country however the order may happen. We will keep you posted as these trips occur. It's just too exciting to keep to ourselves! Hopefully, you can join us.