June 29, 2017
Nigerian Cultural Representations


Arrogance… They say Nigerians have a sense of arrogance, and we attribute to it being “the Giant of Africa,” but I don’t see it that way. Don’t get me wrong. There are arrogant Nigerians, arrogant Africans but that arrogance generally stems from something vain, materialistic.
June 28, 2017


I had the honor of meeting with the Ooni of Ife during our last trip to Nigeria in April 2017. This is a huge deal considering who the Ooni of Ife is. The “enomouritiy” of our seeing him seemed to heighten with each person we would tell. So quite naturally, you can imagine my elevated anxiety coupled with nervousness upon arriving at the palace. Yes, I said palace! First, let me just tell you a little bit about just who the Ooni of Ife is.
March 29, 2017

Bridging the Gap: A Sip & Shop Lunch Affair

This Sunday, March 5th, in partnership with Phatbulous Fashionista, we hosted the first of what I hope to be several, “Bridging the Gap: A Sip & Shop Lunch Affair” and it was AWESOME!
May 5, 2014


Beauty, a perception, is one with multiple definitions. Our focus is one that shies away from just the aesthetics but truthfully what manifests from within. We are celebrating beauty it in its natural form free from societal standards.
May 4, 2014


Colorism, the unspoken ghost that creeps its way in and tacks itself on to racist and prejudicial practices. Without much notice, the effects of colorism has had psychological, physiological, sociological and medical effects globally.