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Africa’s Humble Beginnings

May 25, 2016
My Trip to Nigeria (Part 1)
June 1, 2016

A frica is said to be one of the oldest landmasses in the world with 97% of its soil components being over 300 million years old. Whether you are anti-Evolution or for it, Africa is often noted as being the birthplace of mankind. The first migration is said to have occurred from North African into the Middle East and subsequently what we know as the entire world. The Bantu population is said have surfaced in 2500 BC spreading out to East & Southern Africa discovering iron smelting technology and sharpening agricultural techniques. History shows that prior to European invasions, Africans had already developed complex, commercial empires and societies. Around 3100 BC, a combination of Middle Eastern influences and sophisticated food-production techniques gave birth to one of Africa’s first and more notable African Empires, Ancient Egypt. Before being defeated by the Nubian Empire and subsequently the Romans, their reign lasted approximately 3,000 years with the construction of buildings and pyramids visible today.

There is so much to learn, explore and experience within this continent. Our journey will take us from the North to the South, East to the West and Central Africa.
Stay Tuned as we take this historical trip through Africa's rich background!


Africa All Around

Chi Chi O.
Chi Chi O.
I love the process of putting things together and exposing people to new things. My motivation stems from seeing the inexplicable joy expressed on their faces. My goal is to enlighten you as to the vast beauty held within this resourceful country, empower the indigenous and and those in the diaspora to utilize the resources found within and enrich your overall quality of life by expanding your travel horizons. Africa, we're more than disease and despair. We are so CULTURE RICH!!!

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